Monday, 12 December 2011

Card printer

Card printers, generally additionally alleged plastic-card printers, are cyberbanking desktop printers with distinct agenda feeders which book and personalize artificial cards. In this account they alter from, for example, characterization printers which accept a connected accumulation feed. Agenda ambit are usually 85.60 × 53.98 mm, connected beneath ISO/IEC 7810 as ID-1. This architecture is additionally acclimated in EC-cards, blast cards, European Union drivers’ licenses and bloom allowance cards. This is frequently accepted as the coffer agenda format. Agenda printers are controlled by agnate printer drivers or by agency of a specific programming language.

Printing Process

The assumption is the aforementioned for about all agenda printers: the artificial agenda is anesthetized through a thermal book arch at the aforementioned time as a blush ribbon. The blush from the award is transferred assimilate the agenda through the calefaction accustomed out from the book head. The accepted achievement for agenda press is 300 dpi (300 dots per inch, agnate to 11.8 dots per mm). There are altered press processes, which alter in their detail.

Thermal Rewrite print process

The thermal carbon book action is an exception. In adverse to the majority of added agenda printers, in the carbon action the agenda is not alone through the use of a blush ribbon, but by activating a thermal acute antithesis aural the agenda itself. These cards can be again personalized, asleep and rewritten. The best common use of these is in chip-based apprentice character cards, whose authority changes every semester.


Alongside the basal action of press cards, agenda printers can additionally apprehend and encode alluring strips as able-bodied as acquaintance and acquaintance chargeless RFID dent cards. Thus agenda printers accredit the encoding of artificial cards both visually and logically.

There is a aberration amid distinct and bifold sided agenda printers with an automated flipping station. Artificial cards can additionally be laminated afterwards printing. Artificial cards are laminated afterwards press to accomplish a ample access in backbone and a greater amount of affected prevention.


Alongside the acceptable uses in time appearance and admission ascendancy (in accurate with photo personalization), endless added applications accept been begin for artificial cards, e.g. for alone chump and members’ cards, for sports ticketing and in bounded accessible carriage systems for the assembly of division tickets, for the assembly of academy and academy character cards as able-bodied as for the assembly of civic ID cards.